VOID9 handwiring guide

15 July 2020
Time1 min read


Post incomplete; lacking descriptions for each step and no firmware flashing included for now. The images are pretty descriptive by themselves, but if you happen to stumble upon this page, you might want to come back at a later date for a more in depth guide.


  • 9 Cherry MX style mechanical switches
  • 9 diodes (1N4148 in this case)
  • 9 keycaps of choice
  • 1 Pro Micro (or clone)
  • 4 M3x10 Allen head bold (13mm overall length, 5,5mm diameter head)

  1. Inserting the switches in the top plate

  1. Bending the diodes

  1. Soldering the diodes and trimming the excess

  1. Pre-cutting the wires and stripping them for column/row wiring

  1. Wrapping the wires around the columns

  1. Soldering the column wires

  1. Soldering the row wires

  1. Soldering the Pro Micro

  1. Inserting the Pro Micro into its slot

  1. Optional step - Gluing in the Pro Micro

  1. Fastening the screws and adding the keycaps

  1. Adding bumpons to the bottom of the case

  1. Congrats! Assembly completed!