VOID9 gets a PCB!

10 September 2020
Time1 min read

Handwiring is nice and everything, it's cheap, it's good practice for soldering, but it can become quite a handful, especially when it comes to buttoning up something more than a macropad; I decided that I should expand my skillset so I designed a pretty basic PCB for the smallest of my creations, the VOID9.

This is my first PCB, it's designed in Kicad and rendered in Blender; it is somewhat compatible with the current version (the controller slot on the bottom case has to be shaved off) of the VOID9, it supports 3 pin and 5 pin Cherry MX style switches, THT diodes and the Pro Micro is mounted using its included headers; the PCB also features two pins on the bottom that can be shorted in order to reset the controller.